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On-Premise DEPOT

Corporate solution for storing and processing any type of content.
DEPOT capabilities
Safe storage of any content
The solution implies at least three nodes in independent locations. All uploading content is replicated to these three nodes.
Video tools
Video transcoding in several qualities, branded HTML5 player, recording live streams, playout.
S3, sFTP, REST API support
DEPOT is an S3-like object storage with wide capabilities for working with content.
Low demands on equipment
The software is designed to maximize efficiency. Solution's productivity does not depend on the power of equipment.
No limit of content volume
The solution does not have any restrictions on the volume of content unit. File size can be only limited by the size of hard disk.
Fast start
Our experts will help you at every stage of solution deployment. The system can be started in a few days.
Solution architecture
Content upload
Content can be udloaded in several ways:

  • Via Web UI
  • sFTP
  • S3
By default, the solution implies three geographically independent nodes.

All content is played on each of the nodes and becomes available for download only after successful synchronization on all nodes.

Content processing
Content can be processed:

  • Video is transcoded in several qualities.
  • Images are cut on the fly.
  • Playout.
  • Stream recording is planned.
Content display
Content becomes available on all devices for end-users.

A branded HTML5 player with adaptive bitrate support is used for displaying.

The platform can be integrated with any CDN provider.

Node architecture
Transcoding server
Database server
Application server
Storage server
The server is used to transcode video in several qualities so that it can be shown in adaptive bitrate mode. The server must have powerful GPU's to provide maximum transcoding speed.

Customized FFMPEG is used as a software, around which additional services are written.
MongoBD, that works according to the consensus protocol, is used as a database. In case of problems with Master, an automatic vote take place and a new one is selected. The number of nodes must be odd.
This server has applications, that allow you to work with content: recording streams, making a broadcast grid, streaming playlists via RTMP-publish, resizing images on the fly, online video editing.

Customized FFMPEG is used as a software, around which additional services are written.

The server has self-written DEPOT solution, that works directly with disks and provides hot and cold storage capabilities.

Demanded files go to SSD media to achieve the fastest upload speed.

All content is added to the logical entity «blob», next to which the index file is formed. Thus, the search for demanded files is faster.
If necessary, our team can help build a corporate CDN, that will save backbone channels and improve quality of displayed content.

  • Adding and removing CDN nodes from your personal account.
  • Managing caсhe on nodes: pleloading, cache reset.
  • Installation of a node with and without redudancy.
  • Distribution of content from the node via Unicast and Multicast.
Free testing
At this stage we come to understand which architecture suits you best.
Ideally, we need access to three hardware or virtual servers. If this is not possible, we are ready to provide detail instructions or otherwise help in setting up.
Term: 3 days.
About system
We talk in detail about each section of the service and answer all questions.
We create your dashboard
We collect your branding requirements or look brandbook and create your dashboard.
Content processing
Video transcoding
HTML5 player
Access control
Stream recording
The service allows you to make from one «heavy» video file several with lower quality or to adaptive video for Internet format.

Transcoding speed when using GPU technology is 10-12 time faster than the duration of video.

Input video can be of any known format:
  • MP4
  • FLV
  • MKV
  • WEBM
  • MOV
  • AVI etc.
Output video will be available:
  • in containers: mp4, flv, webm;
  • in codecs: h.264, vp8.
Work using API
You can get the player code and edit it using API. You can also collect statistics on views from the player.

Convenient placement via iframe
Copy the finished player code and place it on the site. The code doesn't need to be changed in the future even when you make changes to the player.

Additional options
Branding, social sharing, saving the viewing location, controlling playback speed, subtitles, showing ads.
Ability to create additional accounts for collegues or departments.

Containers management
Ability to restrict access to folders for specific users.

Rights managements
Restricting rights to actions of groups or specific users.

Restricting access to files
Ability to manage public availability of content. Making temporary links.

Geographical limitation
Manage file availability by region.
You can create online TV channel from your video content that will be broadcast Live.

Make a broadcast grid from video by adding it sequentially to the TV program guide.
You can add multiple video qualities at once to ensure playback in adaptive bitrate.

If necessary, the stream can be published on social networks or resources that can accept RTMP-publish.
Stream recording service has no limit on recording window size. Thus, streams can be recorded for several months. Online video cutting service allows to cut necessary pieces from the recorded stream.

Also, using this server, there is ability to rewind live broadcast (DVR).

Record can be started by a button or by schedule.

Input streams must be accessible via HLS.
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